EmbraceHope Inspiring Women Bracelets


Armfuls of color that make a statement with the flick of your wrist. Beautiful glass beads with lustrous pearlized coating look and feel like real pearls. Sparkling crystal rhinestone pave bead centerpieces make this collection a stunning fashion accent to any ensemble! A wrist full of beads is a must this season; so let these beaded bracelets be your glam introduction to the trend. Elegant and sophisticated style and a bit of sparkle that can be dressed up or down, worn by itself or stacked in multiples.

Choose for yourself, for a friend or loved one! Bracelets may be mailed directly to recipient. Each bracelet is beautifully wrapped in keepsake organza bag with the dedication story printed on elegant vellum.

Amazing Grace

Honoring Celeste Castillo-Lee
Celeste Castillo-Lee has given hope and strength to others by sharing her experiences, demonstrating grace in coping with her illness and advocating for optimal care even during the most trying of times. Click Here for Details

Gem of a Friend

Honoring Julie Glennon
Julie Glennon has been a dear, close friend for over 2 decades. She has been one of the true constants in my life and no matter how much time passes between visits, it’s always like we’ve never been apart. She is absolutely stunning, and just as beautiful on the inside. She’s a soft spoken, sweet soul that charms everyone she meets with her gracious personality and sense of humor. Click Here for Details

Love Life

Honoring Love
Love is life's greatest experience. You're less inclined to take life for granted when you survive a serious illness. This bracelet is dedicated to all the people I share my life with, including Dean, my husband of 15 years, who has given me an anniversary card every month since we've been married. Click Here for Details


Each of the 12 handmade bracelets below is dedicated to an incredible woman who helped me prepare for my fourth kidney transplant. Making jewelry has always been a way to help me cope with kidney disease, and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to honor these women, who are as unique as the bracelets themselves. - Lori Hartwell

Beading Buddy

photo of Beading Buddy bracelet

Honoring Marissa Carr
If you ever want a master class in making jewelry or identifying a metal or stone, Marissa’s your girl. Her teaching techniques aren’t for the faint of heart because she’ll make you repeat, repeat, and repeat until you achieve perfection. I can still hear the words, “That’s not Lori Hartwell work.” She’s my beading buddy and never let me slide when I wasn’t feeling good. Click Here for Details

Tender Loving Care

picture of Tender Loving Care bracelet

Honoring Lesley Holden
Recovering from a transplant takes a village and who better to be your friend than a pediatric nurse who took care of you when you were a child. Her good advice, wicked sense of humor, and chicken soup were just what the doctor ordered. Click Here for Details

The Advocate

photo of The Advocate bracelet

Honoring Karol Franks
Advocating for yourself can be difficult, especially when you don’t feel good. Karol is a tireless advocate for her daughter and one of the most persistent, dedicated people I know. When I was dragging my butt instead of moving forward on my health care plan, she was there to give me a good swift kick. Click Here for Details

The Artist

photo of The Artist bracelet

Honoring Rebecca Rees
The creative spirit gets my mind off my troubles and helps me heal. Rebecca’s a professional artist and helped me learn how to reach down inside myself and trust my artistic ability. I took everything she had to teach to heart and am the better for it. To get my mind off the difficult days when I wasn’t feeling good, we would explore the artistic process by arranging buttons and creating bracelets out of them. She’s my creative muse! Click Here for Details

The Best Friend

photo of The Best Friend bracelet

Honoring Catherine Glover
Having a best friend by your side is like always having the comfort of home near you. Someone who knows what you need before you need it makes you feel loved and cared for. Catherine’s a Wonder Woman when it comes to caring for others. No spandex suit required. Catherine, you’re my super hero! Click Here for Details

The Creative Cook

photo of The Creative Cook bracelet

Honoring Susie Gonzalez
Eating a dialysis diet can be challenging since you have to limit salt, potassium, and phosphorus. Susie is very familiar with these dietary restrictions and would whip up magical meals to delight my taste buds and help me stay on track with my diet. Bon appétit, Susie. I made you a low-sodium bracelet! Click Here for Details

The Entertainer

photo of The Entertainer bracelet

Honoring Malia Langen
You can have some down time when you’re transitioning in care, and there’s no better way to pass the time than to watch a good movie. Laughing, crying, and feeling the suspense build make for a great escape, and Malia knows her stuff when it comes to chick flicks. Who needs film critics? I had Malia. Thanks for the memories. Click Here for Details

The Expert

photo of The Expert bracelet

Honoring Susan Vogel
Having a nephrology nurse as a good friend can really help you sort out all of the medical decisions you have to make when your kidney is puttering out and dialysis is in your immediate future. The upside is that friends tell you the truth, and Sue reminded me that you have to be your own advocate, that I’m a survivor, and that better days were ahead. Click Here for Details

The Fighter

photo of The Fighter bracelet

Honoring Cathy Bridges
Preparing for a fourth transplant is no picnic when you have so many fighter antibodies that can kick the new kidney to the curb. Undergoing a special treatment to keep these little suckers at bay was pretty scary. Cathy had fought the battle earlier and won, and she coached me so that I could win too. Click Here for Details

The Giver

photo of The Giver bracelet

Honoring Cyndi Jones
There aren’t enough words to thank someone who donates a kidney. My stepsister unselfishly stepped forward to give me the gift of life. To ensure our compatibility, we purchased and wore matching outfits. Hey, it worked! Click Here for Details

The Supporter

photo of The Supporter bracelet

Honoring Maria Hsieh
Support from someone who has shared your journey for decades and helps remind you that you’ve repeatedly overcome the odds is priceless. A friend who can help you work through the emotional rollercoaster and the frustrations that kidney disease presents is essential to healing. No more “California Screamin’ Rides,” Maria! Click Here for Details

You Can Do It!

photo of You Can Do It bracelet

Honoring Linda Oakford
If you need a cheerleader in your life, you want to have L-I-N-D-A. To have a friend who believes you’re capable of anything is a real gift. When I was feeling overwhelmed by life’s adversities, all I had to do was call Linda. She’d give me a pep talk and rally my soul. Click Here for Details

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