Nurses are Everyday Heroes - Happy Nurses Week!

By: Lori Hartwell
I can recall so many occasions when a nurse helped save my life, calmed my nerves by educating me, or just gave me a reassuring handhold to let me know everything would be okay – these everyday heroes gave me hope.

There are three nurses I would like to thank for their service:   

Marc Manalo, a dialysis nurse, helped me with home hemo dialysis. He was always so understanding and empathized with me at every turn. Marc was himself on home hemo dialysis and also worked six days a week. His courage and dedication to his patients is unmatched.   

Linda Santiago was my PD nurse when I was in my early 20s, and we still keep in contact. She always had high expectations of me, and urged me to fulfill my full potential and never let kidney disease get in the way of my dreams. She always believed in her patients, educated them and was happier than ever when they achieved their dreams.  

A nurse by the name of . . . I can’t remember as I was so out of it.  So let’s just call her “Angel”. She brought me a bear hugger heating blanket when my Hemoglobin was 5.5 from massive blood loss and I felt like I had fallen into an icy lake. All she wanted to do was make me comfortable. That day I was so miserable I felt like giving up. Her small act of kindness was the medicine I needed to keep fighting! 

There have been so many nurses who have cared for me and provided life saving treatment. I think they have hidden super powers. These super powers are their sympathy and their knowledge. These heroes picked a noble profession and save lives every day.    

Cheers to all the nurses who have cared for me. Celebrate the joy you have of making a difference in the world. You are Everyday Heroes!

The week of September 11-17, 2016 is Nephrology Nurses Week.  Please click on one of the PDF files below the how-to guide and print an 8 ½  x 11 page to mail or to give to a nurse who has made a difference in your life.