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Sage Advice: Learning from someone who’s been there

March 16, 2017

Jorge Caraveo Gamboa is 29 years young and has lived with kidney disease since he was 2.  At the age of three he was diagnosed with Hemolytic uremic syndrome, which caused his kidneys to fail. He has had 2 transplants, and is on the waiting list for a third transplant.

Jorge is an inspiration to many of his peers at RSN’s local support group for people with kidney disease. While growing up with kidney disease he learned a lot about how to manage his health and even his overall mood while on dialysis. He shares with Lori how he has learned how to communicate with care providers and co-manage his treatment alongside his doctor.


Listen in and be inspired to give your well-being a boost, educate yourself, and become your own advocate.

Lori Hartwell is the author of Chronically Happy - Joyful Living in Spite of Chronic Illness, and President/Founder of Renal Support Network. A kidney patient since the age of two, she has consistently strived to instill hope into the lives of people who live with chronic kidney disease.



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